Metabolic Syndrome. From Risk Factor to Management


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Increased caloric intake, increased refined carbohydrate consumption, and physical inactivity have led to an explosion in the worldwide incidence of abdominal obesity and the emerging epidemic of insulin resistance, resulting in an increase of metabolic syndrome. Physicians can use the metabolic syndrome concept to guide focused lifestyle changes, lower blood pressure goals, and earlier intervention with aspirin, LDL-lowering drugs, and perhaps insulin-sensitizing medications. The comprehensive “ABCDE” approach presented in this book provides a memory tool for use in everyday clinical practice. In this unique, easy-to-read text, the 17 most important clinical trials in the field of the metabolic syndrome are presented, that every clinician should know.

Titolo: Metabolic Syndrome. From Risk Factor to Management
Autore: Michael J. Blaha;Rajesh Tota-Maharaj;
Editore: SEEd Edizioni Scientifiche
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ISBN: 9788897419204


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