TNT – Unarmed And Dangerous


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A wussy school bus attendant and a rash hot dog vendor have just twenty four hours to find eighty thousand dollars and two pounds of coke after they accidentally scupper a drug deal between two lunatic pushers and the meanest mobster in town.

Tim is 26, lives with his grandma, fears almost everything in this world. Tod is 28, rash and cocky, could upset a Buddhist monk without even speaking.
On their first night of work they stumble into each other, and two gangs of mobsters drug-dealing in a fast food bathroom. After they put up the mess of a lifetime and screw the deal, our guys have just twenty four hours to hand back eighty thousand bucks to one of the gangs and two pounds of coke to the other, or, more likely, to keep messing things up.

TNT is a funny, fast-paced buddy action-comedy about ineptitude, courage and self-esteem, and about how just a single day could kill you as well as turn you into a man.

Titolo: TNT – Unarmed And Dangerous
Autore: Andrea Lombardi;
Editore: Andrea Lombardi
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9781311300539


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