The Chaldean oracles of the Genesis


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I believe that time will show the Babylonian traditions of Genesis to be invaluable for the light they will throw on the Pentateuch, but at present there are so many blanks in the evidence that positive conclusions on several points are impossible. I may add in conclusion that my present work is intended as a popular account, and I have introduced only so much explanation as seems necessary for the proper understanding of the subject. I have added translations of some parts of the legends which I avoided in my last work, desiring here to satisfy the wish to see them as perfect as possible; there still remain however some passages which I have omitted, but these are of small extent and obscure.

Titolo: The Chaldean oracles of the Genesis
Autore: George Smith;
Editore: George Smith
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050356953


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