NEXT – Vote with your Wallet!


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The proposal for a new socio-economic model which today is widely sought for, outlined by one of the Italian economists at the forefront for the change of our economic system. The language is purposely simple and accessible to every reader, as the book is aimed at sensitizing public opinion worldwide. The core of the proposal is to put the human being and his needs at the center of the economic and political system and to reduce the influence of finance on politics and real economy. Leonardo Becchetti, scholar, professor, researcher and activist, outlines in a comprehensible way a new proposal which is cultural, before being economic. A stimulus for every person (students, researchers, politicians or simply people with interest in) who is looking for a way out from the current impasse of our all-for-profit-system. Leonardo Becchetti is a professor of political economy at the Faculty of Economics of Roma – Tor Vergata University, Director of the graduate course in European Economics and Business Law and of MESCI Master’s in Development and International Cooperation. He received his Master’s Degree in Science of Economics at the London School of Economics and a Doctorate at Oxford University and at Roma – La Sapienza University. He has published around 350 works and he was among the top 70 economists in the world for the number of pages published in international journals.

Titolo: NEXT – Vote with your Wallet!
Autore: Leonardo Becchetti;
Editore: Albeggi Edizioni
Formato MOBI con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9788898795208


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