Libya: An ancient country looks toward the future


Descrizione prodotto

A captivating book dedicated to Libya of yesterday and today: a country with a thousand faces that is experiencing a dramatic moment. Through a wonderful selection of photographs accompanied by comprehensive and up-to-date texts, the history of this nation is re-evoked, from the early Greco-Phoenician dominion, and then the Roman, to the Italian colonization, up to the regime of Gaddafi and latest events that saw the population rise up against the Colonel’s 40-year dictatorship. But this work is also a journey through the priceless archaeological heritage and limitless and grandiose desert horizons of a country of an unexpected beauty, today all yet to be discovered.

Titolo: Libya: An ancient country looks toward the future
Autore: Giorgio Galanti;
Editore: White Star
Formato EPUB
ISBN: 9788854406872


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