Conversations with Whitney Houston, What Really Happened At The Beverly Hilton


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Whitney Houston is one of the best-selling musical artists of all times. Her career, life and the records she sold, who she married and who she left behind is well documented. This amazing talent sadly passed away on February 9th, 2012 at the young age of forty eight, her life and career fatally colliding in a hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

In this eBook she makes contact and clears any doubts about her passing, addiction to drugs, husband and musical career but it is not primarily about these events, she has a clear and passionate message for her daughter.

There are a number of references specifically directed to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina to read and find comfort as well as understanding the connection between them. It is a message from a loving mother who wishes to speak to her from beyond the physical and explain her passing. The spirits of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina will always be intertwined. They are too close not to.

Whitney did not pass over in the usual way with her spirit leaving her body and moving into the light. She is currently earth bound in the ethereal awaiting her daughter’s acknowledgement of the love of their union.

She tells us that she left unexpectedly and could not say goodbye and this is her chance to communicate and eventually complete her passage to the other side.

What proof do we have that Whitney is actually speaking through Sussan the host? She tells us that her mother Cissy will know and her daughter will recognize the familiar chatter at times.

Even though Sussan and I were not followers of Whitney’s career, we loved the film ‘The Bodyguard’ as most of the world did. We knew little bits of her life here in the Southern Hemisphere through the press but this is not about the mega star Whitney Houston, this is about a grieving mother who misses her daughter and did not get her opportunity to say goodbye in her own way. This message is hers and hers alone.

As a channeler Sussan allows the non-physical entity, in this case Whitney Houston, to enter and transfer her message using Sussan’s vocabulary and emotions to carry the message. We are not here to judge or have opinion, we are only here to relay the message.

Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

Titolo: Conversations with Whitney Houston, What Really Happened At The Beverly Hilton
Autore: Ronald Ritter;Sussan Evermore;
Editore: Ronald Ritter
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050349276


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