Civil Procedure (Blokehead Easy Study Guide)


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Civil Procedure is a branch or a body of law that sets the rules and the standards for the court to follow in cases of having to adjudicate civil lawsuits. In essence, it is simply a set of rules that tells a certain jury or court how a lawsuit, a case or a disagreement between two opposing parties should be settled or heard of in a court. It details what kind of service, of process is required, the motions that can be applied, the pleadings or the statements that have to be made, or the orders that are allowed in civil cases. Grab The Easy Study Guide now!

Titolo: Civil Procedure (Blokehead Easy Study Guide)
Autore: The Blokehead;
Editore: The Blokehead
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050387179


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