100 Quick meals to prepare in the ZONE (Italian style)


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Dr. Barry Sears, in his books, explains how it is possible to reach a perfect psycho-physical condition, called precisely “THE ZONE,” by properly balancing the foods to consume with regularity and precision.

It is not always simple, however, to properly balance carbohydrates protein and fats. To do so, often the consumer turns to specific packaged products already balanced in “blocks.” The danger of this approach is that the diet may be interrupted early because of the lack of variety of these foods, the less-than-exciting flavors, and the high cost.

The goal of this book is to give the reader valid assistance by suggesting meals balanced in 40-30-30 that are easy to prepare, quick and economical.
Naturally, when we follow a controlled diet, we can’t expect to eat tons of sweets and cookies, but thinking of completely giving up simple sugars is not correct either.

That is why the 100 meals of this book contain a balance of foods of low and medium glycemic content and some high glycemic foods. You will decide which meal is most suited to your tastes and to your requirements.

You will discover that following the ZONE DIET does not mean giving up everything you like.

To better orient the reader, the book is divided in 4 chapters. Each chapter contains 25 meals. The first chapter offers the appetizers balanced by a “block,” the second chapter has the breakfasts and the snacks balanced by two “blocks,” the third chapter shows lunches balanced by three “blocks” and the fourth chapter has dinners balanced by four “blocks.”

Titolo: 100 Quick meals to prepare in the ZONE (Italian style)
Autore: Enrico Matturro;
Editore: Enrico Matturro
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9788867557899


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