The war of tears


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We all know that there are Angels and Devils.
The Angels’ aim is to get as many Serene Hours as possible for their protégés as, in fact, the aim of every respectable Storm is to set a new SH record.
The Devils’ aim, instead, is to get TOP (Tears Of Pain) which, after having been suitably collected, are transformed by their diabolic machinery into very precious diamonds that go to swell the already immense wealth of the General Devil.
We know what this means because also on Earth we have examples of vast riches built on someone else’s tears.

Here we only tell a small part of this conflict, which takes place every day and that will probably never end. But the 5th G.A.S. (Guardian Angels Storm) will not certainly be the first one to give up! Exciting adventures, humour… and some SH (Serene Hours) for everyone.

Titolo: The war of tears
Autore: Giorgio Pezzin;Manuela Marinato;
Editore: Giorgio Pezzin
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9788867555475


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