The Santa Claus Apprentice


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Santa Claus is looking for his successor, a kind and gentle boy named Nicolaus that one day, when he will be too old, will take his place. After months and months of searching, he finally finds him. And little Nicolaus is really special because he is a child with Down Syndrome. Santa Claus just has to communicate this through the intercession of a guardian angel: the troubling Strauss! First Nicolaus refuses, does not feel up to the task. But the sweet and sincere words of Santa Claus, in the end, make him proud, proud of himself. On Christmas Eve, the poor Santa can not deliver presents, due to a fall from a slide. So it’s up to Nicolaus and his guardian angel clumsy and lazy deliver gifts to children around the world, giving us all nice surprises!

Titolo: The Santa Claus Apprentice
Autore: Bonifacio Vincenzi;
Editore: Kymaera Edizioni
Formato MOBI con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9788899056087


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