Snow White at the court of prince Blue


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Descrizione prodotto

Snow White begins her happy life as a bride in the kingdom of her husband, Prince Blue.
Unfortunately her happiness is soon tainted by the obsession and madness of a despotic nobleman accustomed to get whatever he wants, even by force.
By an act of deception Snow White is soon kidnapped.
Sadly not her friends the dwarfs, nor her loyal lady in waiting or her beloved husband Prince Blue are able to stop this from happening.

Meanwhile from a window of a high tower…a beautiful gypsy tries to teach her friend, Hedwige the crow, a simple tune…

Titolo: Snow White at the court of prince Blue
Autore: Mariacristina Speltoni;
Editore: Mariacristina Speltoni
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050364897


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