Secrets to remain young


Descrizione prodotto

Here is the second work of an author who had considerable success with his book ‘ How to have a perfect skin’. In this new effort are condensed his experiences, his knowledge in the pharmaceutical/ cosmetic/ nutritional field, especially his scientific research and his work experience. The author gives new unexpected meanings to nutritional supplements and cosmetic, which are considered a fundamental support for those want to live longer, healthier and with a healthy appearance. Even respecting the imposed limits – writing for a heterogeneous audience- the author is able to combine disclosure and scientific precision, as demonstrated by his specific citations and a wide bibliography. His overviews on different author’s methods and results are really exciting: see for example the amazing chapter on Method Maeda, a Japanese doctor who dedicated her entire life to the skin beauty and health, or the intense chapter by Dr. Massimo Buttinoni about “aesthetic medicine and wellness”. Andrea Busalacchi lists the most recent acquisitions about natural and not natural substances, whose action is scientifically documented and which can help us to delay the ageing process and maintain a more youthful appearance for a longer time. Ultimately, the secrets are a perfect synergy between nutrition, especially anti-inflammatory diet, supplements and cosmetics.

Titolo: Secrets to remain young
Autore: Andrea Busalacchi;
Editore: Nuova Ipsa Editore
Formato EPUB con Adobe DRM
ISBN: 9788876765926


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