SCENT OF LEGEND English Screenplay


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Descrizione prodotto

Fascination journey though the
present with the past:

-The history of Aleramo and
Its legendary ride on the
Monferrato land

-The landscapes of today, the
Place, the paths.
Lilli and her daughter Giusi take part in a friendly contest which recalls legendary Aleramo’s ride. The crew who will buy, along the way (three days), the most original object will receive a plate as prize. Along the road along Acqui , Lilli see a medieval knight who is riding beside the car. Giusi can’t see him, Lilli is upset. The knight is also seen as a painter on the seafront has just finished painting the canvas Lilli decides to buy because he hopes to win the plate. Giusi still does not see the rider. She see him, however, the next day when the horse loses iron and the knight finds him and replies with a piece of brick. On the third day, at the arrival, the horse falls because of tiredness but some veterinary surgeons, who had received the call of Giusi, save its life. Lilli wins the plate, she’s happy because Giusi has saved horses’ life but she has a doubt: during these three days she has seen ghosts or a true horse and a true knight?

Titolo: SCENT OF LEGEND English Screenplay
Autore: Liliana Angela Angeleri;
Editore: Liliana Angela Angeleri
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786051766775


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