Renoir: Drawings


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Pierre-Auguste Renoir is best known for his feminine and ethereal compositions of everyday life among women and children. He obviously loved the young of all ages; he seems to have been on of very few painters who could express the delicate appearing of young people and various aspects of their characters. He also clearly loved all women, from little girls to youngsters, working girls and fleshy peasant women, to fashionable upper middle class ladies. He had a special gift of depicting female nudes with warmth and affection; making light play on their fresh delicate skin seemed to come to life under his touch. This 19th century artist was able to capture the French sensibility of a bourgeoning industrial revolution through his numerous images, including his works on paper. This book with masterpieces include some of Renoir’s most popular drawings, etchings and prints which have been able to capture his genius and artistry as one of history’s greatest Impressionists.

Titolo: Renoir: Drawings
Autore: Christian Connor;
Editore: Christian Connor
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