‘NEW GUINEA” What I Did and What I Saw


Descrizione prodotto

Luigi Maria d’Albertis (1841-1901), Italian naturalist and explorer, travelled in New Guinea from 1871 to 1877, collecting an impressive number of new species of animals and plants. On his third voyage he sailed the Fly River alone with a motley crew of natives and Chinese, and was attacked by the inhabitants of the island, whom he fought by bizarre and imaginative means. His diaries were published in 1880 in a book called “New Guinea – What I did and what I saw.”
The abridged version is now available both in English and Italian.

Titolo: NEW GUINEA” What I Did and What I Saw
Autore: Luigi Maria d’Albertis;
Editore: Liberodiscrivere edizioni
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9788873883739


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