Ironbound Strength


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A strong body needs a powerful mind. This book will help you overcome your weaknesses and reach beyond your current self. Here, you will find all the information that you will ever need to become the best version of yourself:
• Keeping your natural Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone at the high end.
• Creating a healthy eating lifestyle based around fasting and manipulations of your macros that is intuitive.
• Achieving balanced daily regime while reducing stress and increasing your mental focus.
• A specifically made list of supplements that will enhance your overall health and strength which are proven to work.
• How to build strength and the mentality to reach your goals.
• A powerlifting based program that will turn your body into a biomechanical machine destroying every limitation.
• A detailed guide how to perform each exercise to perfection.
• Life and training tips that can translate into every part of your life, and more.

Have you ever wanted a training guide that is straight to the essence delivering you the best possible information? Well, here it is. With this book you receive the necessary information that will create and enhance the link between mind and muscle. You will reach new heights in your development and become better in everything that you do in life.

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Titolo: Ironbound Strength
Autore: Stoyan Velikov;
Editore: Stoyan Velikov
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050337112


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