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From 1135 to 1571. XII. According to legend, the Holy Roman Emperor kidnaps three hundred rich Italian merchants that after three years of imprisonment, despairing to return to freedom, formulate a vow of humility. Back home Humiliatet basis of many houses that spread in central and northern Italy and southern France. The order, founded by St. Bernardo, includes friars, tertiaries and secular families implanting numerous workshops for the production of wool and hemp. Women enjoy the same salary as men. With the passage of time, the order becomes very rich and powerful. Humiliated forget its initial promise. Adopt a brand, print money and manage public finances. Do not obey the Cardinal Borromeo them wants her brothers in the habit. Cardinal Borromeo suffered an attack, it is a plot to dissolve the order.

Titolo: HUMILIATED Screenplay
Autore: Liliana Angela Angeleri;
Editore: Liliana Angela Angeleri
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050401424


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