Faerindale Legends – Return of the Orb


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A hard-working single mum Alison Johnson is unable to take her three children out of the city on summer vacation. Children’s Grandfather Oscar sends them a surprise invitation to spend some time at his cottage located on a small island. The Johnsons accept the invitation and arrive at the island, where they meet Oscar’s mysterious friend.

Children are having fun, exploring the island, meeting new friends and learning about local legends. However, soon the tragedy struck and children, together with their new furry friend, fearlessly venture on a rescue mission into Faerindale – the magical land of faeries, elves and goblins.

Titolo: Faerindale Legends – Return of the Orb
Autore: Alexandra Harding;
Editore: Alexandra Harding
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050402100


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