Diabetic Foot – ECAB


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Of all lower extremity amputations, 40-70% are related to diabetes. In most studies, the incidence of lower leg amputation is estimated to be 5-25/100,000 inhabitants/year: among people with diabetes the number is 6-8/1,000. Lower extremity amputations are usually preceded by a foot ulcer in people with diabetes. The most important factors related to the development of these ulcers are peripheral neuropathy, foot deformities, minor foot trauma, and peripheral vascular disease. The spectrum of foot lesions varies in different regions of the world due to differences in socioeconomic conditions, standards of foot care and quality of footwear.

This clinical update is designed to address this condition in a comprehensive way to help the reader take important questions while managing the patient with supportive typical clinical scenarios, with which all readers will be able to identify. Thus it provides an excellent opportunity to widen one’s perspective in this area.

Titolo: Diabetic Foot – ECAB
Autore: Arun Bal;
Editore: Elsevier India
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