American History Stories: Complete 4 Volumes


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American History Stories: Complete Four Volumes by Mara L. Pratt. Written for older grammar school children covers American History from Columbus through the French and Indian Wars. The voyages of Francis Drake, the Pilgrims, founding of New York and Philadelphia, the Salem witchcraft trials, and King Philips’s War.

Second volume covers the Revolutionary War in Detail, including the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride, the Capture of Ticonderoga, the winter at Valley Forge. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Israel Putnam, Lafayette, and many others.

Third volume covers to the end of Revolutionary War to the 19th century. Topic, the administrations of Washington and Jefferson, the War of 1812 and various Indian Wars, and Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Zachary Taylor, William Henry Harrison, and John Brown.

Fourth volume covers the Civil War from the beginning of Lincoln’s first term to his assassination following the Union victory. Battles of New Orleans, Vicksburg and Gettysburg

Titolo: American History Stories: Complete 4 Volumes
Autore: Mara L. Pratt;
Editore: Mara L. Pratt
Formato EPUB con Digital watermarking
ISBN: 9786050312270


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